Utne Reader: Think Globally, Bank Locally

From Eric Utne, founder of the Utne Reader, Jan/Feb 2010.

We the people have the power to create a financial system that works for everyone. We need a national conversation about money. To learn more about how the system works, we need to risk sounding stupid, or fringy. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Ask your mayor and other local officials what they’re doing to establish a municipal or state bank where you live. And to Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, my apologies. Thanks for getting the conversation started.

Read the editorial, “Think Globally, Bank Locally,” here or at the Utne Reader site.


3 Responses

  1. Anyone interested in getting bankrupt California to set up its own state bank should sign the petition to do so on Change.org at the address above. You, plus 455 of your fellow citizens who have already signed, will have your e-petition automatically sent to the Governor, all state and Federal Senators, most of your state and federal representatives (you may add your own if he/she is not listed) and attorney General Jerry Brown. The impact of each signature is multiplied by a hundred! As goes California, so goes the nation. Sign today and let’s start taking back banking for the People.

  2. I think this editorial is great. Monetary reform is a non-partisan issue.

    I’m extremely pleased to see Eric Utne calling on progressives, liberals, etc., to recognize the issue of monetary reform as one that is necessary and one that everyone needs to embrace in order to get the system working for everyone.

    Now we need to get the Ron Paul supporters, the tea-baggers, and consistent conservatives” on board with public-banking.

    Hopefully, the middle, with their dislike of the bank bailout and to-big-to-fail banks, will come to also realize that the system needs to change and serve the people rather than Wall St.

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