Candidate, Laura Wells, Running for Green Party of California Nomination for Governor, Proposes a State Bank of California

Laura Wells announced on January 11, 2010, her candidacy for the Green Party nomination for Governor of California. Ms. Wells, a former financial and business analyst, received 420,000 votes in 2002 in her run for State Controller, the most any state Green Party candidate has received in a partisan statewide race.

An expert in stocks, bond, pension funds and real estate, Wells, an Oakland resident, will outline a plan to “fix the way money works” in California, creating a fairer tax system to benefit the vast majority of taxpayers, and providing “great” schools, universal healthcare, job opportunities and a cleaner environment. Rather than drowning in debt and begging Wall Street for loans, Wells states that California can institute a State Bank that invests in California’s infrastructure, and future generations.

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HJ62 Bill Introduced to VA General Assembly to Study Whether to Establish a State Bank

On January 11, 2010, Delegate Bob Marshall introduced to the Virginia General Assembly a bill, HJ62, to study whether to establish a state bank. Unfortunately, the bill was tabled in committee on January 28.

HJ62: Banks; joint subcommittee to study whether to establish those to be operated by State. Introduced By Del. Bob Marshall (R-Manassas)

Study; whether to establish a bank operated by the Commonwealth; report. Establishes a joint subcommittee to study whether to establish a bank operated by the Commonwealth. The study shall consider recommendations for legislation to establish a state owned, controlled, and operated bank.

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