Ellen Brown’s Presentation, “How California can Create its own Credit: Own a Bank!”

“How California can Create its own Credit: Own a Bank!”
By Attorney Ellen Brown
August 26, 2009

Watch part 1 of the video here.
Watch part 2 of the video here.
Watch part 3 of the video here.
Watch part 4 of the video here.

5 Responses

  1. Republican running for Idaho State Senate proposes state bank for Idaho.

  2. We would want the State of California to be in even more control of our money?!

    • Not at all. Owning a bank is a way to GET money to fund all the things the state needs, WITHOUT hitting up the taxpayers. All money is just “credit,” and today we’ve given the credit-creating power away to private banks. We the people need to take that power back, and it’s hopeless trying to do it at the federal level, where Wall Street owns Congress. At the state level though, there’s still some hope of changing things and having an impact.

  3. The best system for living is not a monetary system. The best system would be something along the lines of a resource based economy. Evaluate the planets resources and use them in a sustainable manner. This would immediately do away with things like pollution because pollution (poison) isn’t sustainable.

    The amount of work that would need to be done to sustain high quality living conditions is really minimal. It’s the hording and profiting from resources that makes scarcity desirable. Any system where scarcity is desirable is not in the best interest of people.

    People would be free to do what they were best at. I’m really good at building things. I’d build things for the planet for the years that figured as – my share. Others could do the same. There would be nothing to steal since there would be nothing to buy.

    Only the best of everything would be made and used because that would be most sustainable. The piling up of people in cities would be unnecessary. High speed transport and communication would make the big city unnecessary.

    Perma-culture would be used to produce food – lots and lots of food in a sustainable manner. All the solutions to “living and thriving” are already, or readily, available. People would be free to solve all problems. Technology would be released and used upon discovery and invention instead of buried.

    While ways of living in monetary systems are sometimes okay they will never result in the best we could do, or have. Plus they’re susceptible to corruption and if it’s corruptible someone will seek to corrupt it.

    A dialog addressing not for profit systems can be started, now, to hasten the “best” possible system for life on this planet – and allow us to get off the planet as well.

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