James Stivers, Republican Candidate Running for Idaho State Senate, Proposes a State Bank

James Stivers is running as a Republican candidate for the Idaho State Senate to represent the People of Legislative District 2 on a platform that includes a proposal for a state bank. James Stivers, currently a precinct committeeman and serves as the Secretary for the District Central Committee in the Republican Party, believes “in the wisdom of the Constitution, the inalienable rights of the People, and the unique heritage of our Republic.”

James Stivers proposes a state bank to provide additional assets to the state treasury and preserve Idaho’s local economies. Mr. Stivers states:

“An important part of sovereignty is the monetary authority. Currently, banks are allowed to multiply many times over the tax receipts deposited in their institutions. This special privilege is partly responsible for the ‘sucking sound’ in our local economies, as regional banks send their assets to central banks that are playing the derivatives markets of the world.”

“A state bank would restore this privilege to the people in a public trust and would give us the opportunity to back our deposits with the wealth from our public lands.”

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