The Essence of Money, a Medieval Tale (video)

A comprehensive & innovative proposal for a new system of sustainable economics
Project by Paul Grignon

“The Essence of Money” is a short animation illustrating the principle that underlies the idea of self-issued credit. This is much the same idea that underlies most alternative money systems and which is, in truth, the basis upon which conventional banking actually works despite its pretense to be “lending” money.

Watch the video and other related links here.

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  1. Hi Ellen,Thanks for all you do and info.They`re having a progressive conference in DC (6/13/10) info (510-644-1200) I hope you can be involve,and also Muhammad Junus (social banking) Economic Democracy is the only answer to two fail systems(capitalism & communism) and a grass-roots control economic institution is key to Economic Democracy.I also hope the workers-own people can be involve. THANKS

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