And Another Candidate for a State-Owned Bank: Gene Taliercio Running for Michigan State Senate

Bank of Michigan Initiative

Our mission is to deliver quality and sound financial services that promote commerce and industry in the state of Michigan. It is to utilize our own tax dollars to work with our community banks and regional banks, enabling the assets of Michigan to work for Michigan.

Read Gene Taliercio’s entire plan for a state bank here.
Gene Taliercio’s website is here.

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  1. Hi Ellen,Thanks for all you do.I have watch America Future Now progressive conference(C-Span) Day one of three day meeting,a lot of talk with no answers.I seen one positive,during Q & A,a lady ask why not bring progressive businesses together. She said,we have the money,you(organizations) have the people,That make so much sense,we need a “good” Chamber of Commerce. Howard Dean(D.F.A.) is involve,they start telling their members to move their money to small banks(community/credit unions) I hope he bring up subject of state/public banks.(It should be you) Ellen,you think all these people running for office(support state banks) can come together and start something online? THANKS

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