Florida Candidates head to the starting line — Including Farid Khavari who is running (as an Independent) on a platform of a state-owned bank

Candidates head to the starting line
Bill Cotterell • June 15, 2010

Candidate qualifying for Florida’s state races began with a recent political science graduate and an economist who wants to start a state bank taking the first spots in the starting gate Monday.

Khavari, 67, said he wanted to run as a Democrat but the party was only interested in big-name candidates. He proposed creating a state-owned bank to make 2 percent fixed-rate mortgages and low-interest credit cards to stimulate the economy, which he said would produce 1 million new jobs.

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Campaign Qualifying Underway
Rick Flagg • June 15, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — This could be the year of the independent in Florida politics.

Monday was the first day to sign up with the state elections office for the fall campaign and one of the first in line was Miami economist Farid Khavari. He’s a democrat, but Khavari said the party already has a favorite candidate, so he’s running as an independent.

Read the entire article here.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Ellen,thanks for all you do. A very good sign,to see Mr.Khavari on broadcast TV and getting his message out. Some of the Economic Kings might be seeing the “light”. They better,people are learning. why pay interest to commercial banks ,when they can own the bank and pay less interest and pay it to themselfs. Common Sense(Thomas Paine1776) started this country with political democracy,a State Bank can keep it going with Economic Democracy. THANKS

  2. Hi Ellen,Thanks for all. A question,if a bank was completely non-profit and work like a government treasury,what could the interest rates be? Could they be better than 2% fix for mort. and 6% for credit cards?Do you think profit is natural? THANKS

  3. Thanks. The usefulness of interest is to cover defaults and costs. It could be done another way, e.g. with a service fee instead of interest, but if the bank is “non-profit,” by definition the interest will only be as high as needed to cover costs of this sort. Ellen

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