The Proposed Bank of England Act: A Cure for England’s Economy That’s Good for the People

We’re a group of economists, lawyers, engineers, former civil servants, university academics and business people who have realised that the root of the instability in the world economy, and huge burden of debt in every country, is due to the fundamental design of the banking system.

The proposed Bank of England Act: This is a reform that could prevent a future financial crisis, clear the national debt, and restart the economy.

It cures the sickness in our economy and financial system by tackling the root cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.

It would make the ‘inevitable’ cuts in public services completely unnecessary, reduce the tax burden by up to 30% and allow us to clear the national debt. It takes control of the UK’s money supply out of the hands of the commercial banking sector and restores it to the state, where it can be used to benefit the economy, rather than providing a £200 billion annual subsidy to the banking sector.

The website is here.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Ellen,Thanks for all and info.It`s very good to see the people of England using their(Thomas Paine1776) common sense.People control their money,they control their country.A new new world is starting, thanks to you Ellen.

  2. Greece to sell Islands to pay Debts.

    The Creeps in the City are thrilled!

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