Economic Sovereignty for Florida’s Future

Economic Sovereignty for Florida’s Future • June 23, 2010

We fully endorse Farid Khavari, author of 9 books and one of 5 gubernatorial candidates in the United States to sponsor the Sovereign State Solution to our current economic crisis of fiscal irresponsibility, casino finance and derivative speculation.

I first read about the concept of a State chartered bank when Ellen Brown brought the idea to light in an essay regarding North Dakota’s historic, precedent setting charter of a State-owned bank in 1919, soon after the establishment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Other economists have entertained the notion of reinstating our Constitutional legacy – a system of credit – to restore the fiscal sovereignty of our nation, long ago usurped by the international cartel of central banks established by the traitorous Federal Reserve Act. But only North Dakota had the wisdom to erect a firewall between railroad barons, their Wall Street financiers, and the State of North Dakota.

Read the entire article here.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Ellen,thanks for all.I think we need to use a new message to open people minds.We know big media isn`t going to help,but we can use language they cannot avoid. We need to say “we save money by doing the investing, it`s cheaper for us to do it,why pay interest to the banker,we could pay ourselfs,we need to pull up our boot straps and control our money,Ellen,you know we`re dealing with a strong element,we need strong language for people to stand up.What`s being use now isn`t working fast enough to solve the problems that are getting bigger by the minute.Their`s no competition to the state/public bank solution,somebody need to be shouting this from the mountain tops.

  2. I’m honored to be linked to from Ellen’s blog. What an outstanding author, economist and scholar she is.

    I am very, very encouraged by the activity of the States, particularly Louisiana and Arizona, in asserting their sovereign response to Federal “bullying”.

    This tells me that the most important lesson for our REAL economic recovery, economic sovereignty, will gradually be sinking in.

    Keep the faith – but remain vigilant. The battle to regain our former independence from a now global tyranny of dubious debt is just beginning — we are living in “interesting times” indeed.

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