“14 Candidates Off and Running for Governor” in Florida, with Khavari Continuing to Garner Media Attention

14 Candidates Off and Runing for Governor
New Service of Florida • July 2010

Farid Khavari, who is also an author, bills himself as the only potential governor with a plan for economic recovery because the three mainstream candidates are too busy politicking.

As such, Khavari, continuing to garner media attention, was featured in 5 of the 12 paragraphs of this article, also with his photo the only cne prominently shown.

Read the entire article (.pdf) here on page 3.

On July 24, 2010, Dr. Khavari will be making a presentation at a fundraiser to discuss his plan for Florida in further detail. Details here.

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One Response

  1. Hi Ellen,it`s good to to see Mr.Khavari get media attention,maybe he can give advise to other candidates.Public/State banking need a base,who are the candidates going after? GWB had the rich(corrupt) for his base.State/Public banks need something solid to offer.(the rich got tax breaks) We need something solid.(save foreclose homes?) THANKS

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