Another Candidate for a State-Owned Bank: Kenneth Gillespie Running in Missouri for State Representitive of its 5th District

Another candidate, Kenneth Gillespie, is running for 5th District State Representative in Missouri.

At his website, Gillespie speaks of Standing Up for the American People, stating that he is willing to work hard for the people to:

  • Maintain Local Roads and Lettered Routes
  • Rebuild Infrastructure
  • Promote Economic Development
  • Actively Fight for Smaller Government
  • Bring in More Local Jobs
  • Streamline Local Government Services
  • Audit the State Department Funds
  • Consider Interest-Free Government State Bank
  • Offer Solutions and Educate
  • Listen to Your Needs

Gillespie also writes at this link Jefferson City with Bill Still:

“We had a great meeting with our Budget Chairman Allen Icet in Jefferson City. He has proposed that he will mirror Virginia legislation to study the placement of a state bank here in Missouri, and this summer he will be holding committee hearings. Speaker Pro-Tem Bryan Pratt has offered his support and has asked to be on the committee.”

“We met with award winning documentary maker Bill Still (Money Masters, The Secret of Oz), who was announced on the House Floor by Speaker Pro-Tem Bryan Pratt and Allen Icet and let us view his documentary The Secret of Oz.”

Kenneth Gillespie’s website is here.

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  1. Hi Ellen,Thanks for all you do.When will you call a forum on public /state banking ? Have you met Michael Albert of the Parecon ideas? State banking and Pareco ideas would seem a good match? THANKS

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