Emily Peyton, Independent Candidate, Running for Governor of Vermont on a Platform of a State-Owned Bank

Emily Who? Independent Candidate Steals the Show at Gubernatorial Forum (VIDEO)
7d.blogs.com posted by Andy Bromage • 23 June 2010

Emily Peyton of Putney, one of five independent or minor party candidates on the ballot for November, made her debut appearance in northern Vermont during a two-hour debate at the Turning Point Center on Bank Street, a facility for substance abuse programs and group meetings.

Her platform covers a lot of ground: Addressing prison overpopulation, “recycling wealth for Vermont,” getting Vermont off the grid, growing a hemp industry in the state, and creating a Vermont common good bank owned and controlled by depositors.

See the entire article here.

Emily Peyton’s campaign website vermontforward.com addresses the issue of a state-owned Bank of Vermont here.
Emily Peyton discusses the Bank of North Dakota and our monetary system are her blog http://peyton4governor.blogspot.com/.

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  1. Hi Ellen,Thanks for all and more. I hope Emily Peyton rationale for state banking is common-sense(we can do it better & cheaper) and she work with Farid Khavari(and others) to create a stronger movement. I join the “commongoodbank.com”. I hope you and other hi-profile progressives will join and give their opinion. THANKS

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