How we can take stolen profits back from banksters

How we can take stolen profits back from banksters
Richard Clark • • September 23, 2010

All of our money comes from debt to private banks — banks that try to make it look like governments are at fault for their countries falling so heavily into debt. The truth is that banks take the profits that could have been used to better maintain the society if only the people’s money was issued by governments through state-owned banks, as was the case, for a time, in both Australia and the US.

What private banks have set up is actually the world’s largest pyramid scheme, in which new people must always be going into debt in order that others obtain the currency they need to function within the economy. Within such a system, total indebtedness must continue to increase in order to provide the money that people need in an ever more productive society.

We need a grass-roots money-reform movement to take banking away from private interests and put it back in the hands of government — initially at the state level and eventually at the federal level too.

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2 Responses

  1. I want to know why if the Flash Trading regime of Goldman Sacks can rally the market today then why didn’t they keep it going in 2008 and save everyone from the pain and suffering of all the lost income lost Jobs , lost tax revenues to the states and federal Government , I mean Really , Obama says this is the New economy , a recovery from the old tired ways of the GOP , Really ????


    Foreclosures via deceptive and fraudulent proceedings enables repetitive, and illegal property flipping; it enables lenders to falsify IRS form 1099-A’’s; it enables unscrupulous foreclosure mill lawyers (especially because of judges who purposefully abet deceit) to deceptively hold
    auctions and make insider bids to acquire those properties; and blighted neighborhoods. Fraudulent foreclosures ensure the success of FABRICATED BANKRUPTCY COURT ‘Lift Stay motions’ and false ‘Proof of Claims’.

    Foreclosure via fraud is the reason for illegitimate homelessness and underhanded evictions,
    unjustified IRS tax bills due to false 1099-A’s, and unfair “Deficiency Judgments.” Ironically, some people who express their anger at “deadbeats” appear to be more acceptable about the manifest fraud and criminal activity being carried out by people with credentials to practice law.
    Equally ironic is the reality that some people pretending to be annoyed about “deadbeats”are the actual people who are participating in real estate racketeering –fully sanctioned by the majority of courts, especially Bankruptcy Courts! @

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