Nations MUST print their own money!! … and Establish Their Own Banks!

Nations MUST print their own money!! … and Establish Their Own Banks!
AL Whitney • • September 13, 2010

The centralized banking system was designed for ‘usery’, theft and control of the population and their countries resources. Privatizing monetary control will always always always benefit the ‘privatizers’ NOT the general population. This is true in every country on the face of this earth.

Yet what is going on – at this very minute – is the push by the International Monetary Fund (international gangster/banksters) for the establishment of a one-world-currency. They can only achieve this goal by the corruption and cooperation of the politicians in each country. In actuality the feuding two party system in the United States has been vigorously promoted by the gangster/banksters themselves since 1892 – as a diversion. The collaboration of George Bush Sr (R) and Bill Clinton (D) is a perfect example of the current two-party partnership-in-crime.

Australian author, lecturer and specialist on globalization, Jeremy Lee, explains the monetary system and absolute imperative that nations (or states) establish their own banks and/or currencies.

Read the entire article and watch the video of Jeremy Leehere.

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3 Responses

  1. yes , yes ,yes !!!!!!!!

  2. This is Treason against the societies all around the world !!!!!!!

  3. the past 9 President and Administrations have been getting their marching orders from the Trilateral Commissions and implementing the goal of Resource Consolidation through the Central banking system created by the Trilateral Commissions for Population Control measures under the Kissinger NSSM200 study .
    This is the reason why Credit has been sucked out of the economy , and we the people are Bleeding out of primary capital as the Central bank has in place the one routing channels that funnel the money from American and European Hands out of the country and over to Asia , Its their prefect plan to collapse the economies of the west and dissolve them into the One World order Plan of the Central bank Control and domination of the wealth that then can bring the power of resource use under the tent of the UN Agenda 21 .
    The plan you have laid out here Ellen needs to be brought before the people for public debate right now . This is a matter of Public security .

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