It’s About America by Willie Nelson

It’s About America
Willie Nelson • Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute • September 23, 2008

They say timing is everything. This speech made to the National Farmers Union 81st convention on March 1, 1983. Could have been this morning. It’s time for the American people to know why the economy is going downhill. It was going downhill in 1983 and it’s still going downhill. Why? We once were strong – now we are not. Why? Eddie Albert knew the answer in 1983. I believe it is still true today. What do you think?

Excellent speech by Eddie Albert. Read the entire post here.

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  1. If you want Congress to work together for the good of we the people , make them accountable for our Monetary Policy again and they will be devoted to We the people .

    The silly argument that the Congress would Gridlock over this very Issue is without substance now because as the RECORD shows no sound Money POLICY has BEEN Accomplished over the last 97 years of the FED being able to Shield Congress from the Demands of the People of the USA to insist on proper wealth creation and distribution methods that would have originated from the will of the Voice of WE the People , if In deed the USA MONETARY POLICY was in the Hands of the Citizens and voting by , for and of the people were reflected in the Monetary Policy !!!!!

    The FED has NO RECORD of ACCOMPLISHMENT to RUN ON , because anyone Can do what they do , Print Money , but I can tell you this the will to bailout the Financial Central banks would have been done this last Time way differently , and the American people would have Been Better off for it . Like simply those Institutions that got trapped in their own doing would have divvied up their assets to some New Managers and Life would have Went on without all this Debt accumulation , its just that all those Big Fat Cats would have had to give up their Country Club memberships to some NEW members that took over their spots , and tell Me sweet Jesus why would that have been such a bad thing ???

    God Bless the USA the Land of the FREE and Home of the BRAVE and those who give their LIVES , their Limbs for we the people to Keep Starting a new in the that IS a Utopia already !!!!!!

    Restore Article 1 Section 10 of the US sound money rule under the Constitution and put the American people back in charge of these future by having their Monetary Policy back under their control through their elected congress and they UPHOLD Sound Money for America! Support HR 1207, S.604 and HR 833!
    END the FEDERAL RESERVE before this gets any farther . and restructure the tax code to accommodate the revaluing of the US economy to be more competitive with foreign markets should be considered .

    The bill would have eliminated the private manufacture of money – a direct contravention of the mandate of the Constitution, which places the right to coin money in the hands of Congress.


    The bill would have allowed the nation to pay off its national debt and stay out of debt. In one year’s time, with this bill, the national debt could have been paid, and without any tax increases, plus it would have allowed for full employment. You could have guessed that this bill never became law in 1936 – the banking interest was too powerful.

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