Cut Benefits to Bankers, Not Public Services (One Good Cut) • February 7, 2011

Instead of cutting schools, hospitals, and police on the streets, why not cut benefits for bankers?

This short video explains our Plan B for public services and the UK economy:

Check out the website “One Good Cut” here.

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  1. A Populist Revolt Against The Bankers

  2. The bankers have Miss-managed the way Currency markets Should have Been Freely Flaoting all the last 16 years of Free Trade Lobbying for a Congress to do Nothing about this China currency manipulation all the time making the Currency swap fee transactions between the Multi-National sectors , that has led to the biggest Wealth Consolidation and gutting of all Nations industrial bases as the Out sourcing Phenomenon from this Fraud played out , and Now all the nations that lost their means to produce society needs are facing massive inflation on vital needs from nations like China that now control all the raw material resources and the manufacturing of the resources , the vital needs of any society , So Ellen YES the BANKERS NEED to be not just their benefits cut , But these Idiots need to be busted down to Washing the PIG stalls out at the Furrow Houses in the Midwest

    Chinese Yuan: Further Appreciation is Inevitable This is reason why USA needs Industrial Capacity Restored . China doing less with Dollar more with Yuan around world . This is why the American people need Control of their Monetary Policy by Abolishing the Federal Reserve NOW , so we the People can agree to fund restoration projects that can put the Nuts and Bolts Industrial base back on-line to supply Americans Vital NEEDS because The China Importation days are Over !!!

    Posted: 22 Feb 2011 08:47 AM PST

  3. I want this guy to be the First to be washing out the Pig stalls ; , the Congressman in this Video calls Paulson out on his bait and switch of the TRAP that NETTED Paulson a Cool 200 Million on a 700 Million investment and all Paulson can do is Stutter …..

  4. Ellen another reason to End the Federal Reserve Immediately is so We the people can start voting on funding resource needs developments like energy , whatever is most immediately available , and then together with those start a long range goal of funding sustainable renewables so we can stop this storm thats coming …..

    De Borchgrave: Mideast $400 Oil Imminent With Mideast Upheaval

    this is an active agreement ;

  5. So why all the state pension short falls if everything is as Good as the Good times were when these plans were showing no signs of what we see today in Wisconsin and the other states ??? Does this show a Little hocus pocus in the way the economic numbers are being tabulated ??
    Fidelity: Average 401k balances reach 10-year high

  6. RIPE FOR JUDGMENT – In Extremis

    Against The Banking System & The Culpable Bankers, Economists And Politicians

    By Eric V. Encina

    Debt Money System remains to be a terrible sham. The Banking System Rubrics must be destroyed.

    We have the burden of proof against the banking system.

    Let’s start the rebuttal on the the crimes of the banking system. I am sure anyone who reads this article has rebuttal evidences that can be enough to pronounce judgment against the Banking System and the bankers on the crime of the MONOPOLY OF CREDIT.

    Whatever the Bankers’ “ratio legis” – legal reasonings or grounds in defense of their debt-based-at-compounded-usury system, it can be toppled down by the conspicuously dreadful effects and evidences of casualties of the banking crimes against the people.

    While it’s impossible, under the present controlled circumstances, influences and conspiracies existing, by design, to quash the operation of the banking system by judicial body of the land or by the Supreme Court, it must be the PEOPLE who would pronounce judgment, by rights of citizenships against the bankers.

    The bitter fight would be between PEOPLES VERSUS THE BANKERS. “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.” – Lord Action.

    The fight has become gradiatorial by circumstances and by events.

    I am convinced that WORLD DEBTS OF NATIONS to banking system cartel are all odious by adroit conspiracy, based on “ex nihilo” creation of money. And on this premise, it is genetically criminal, and therefore must not be repaid. On the Law of Reparation, the Bankers must return what they have stolen, extorted, scammed, racketed both by legal and illegal means, and thus countries must take initiatives to establish a new financial-economic system for justice, equality and financial security forall.

    The only obvious risk is that bankers might likely rest back through whatever adroit and atrocious methods and means.

    Debt Moratorium is a sham and therefore, futile by principles. Debt Management is futile by its rubbish theories of voodoo economics. WHAT WE NEED IS WRITING OFF DEBTS ALTOGETHER AND CREATE MONEY DEBT-FREE BY THE PUBLIC BANKING SYSTEM BY LEGISLATION, BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE GOVERNMENT AND BACKED UP BY THE PEOPLE.

    Higher percentage of citizens in those highly indebted-addicted-nations including USA and EU are already in severe “MENTAL-MORAL-EMOTIONAL-SPIRITUAL ANGUISH” other than penury, hunger, unemployment, homelessness, indebtedness and despair. All these are becoming largely unbearable as wanton as millstone at the back of everyone while crimes continue unabated by financial-economic criminals, of money manifa and devil-sold-out politicians, alas, with impunity.

    The Banking System is a “malum in se” or evil by itself as its major part is a latent defect to majority of people. It has been conceived in iniquity and operating, thriving in pestiferous crimes of leeching off people’s economic life-blood, which is money.

    People’s Judgment Against the Bankers is not like passing through Kangaroo Court. It’s about a judgement of facts, de facto, the voice of the people abou the debt money at compounded usury system crimes, in statu qou, is already an evidence to sustain.

    The time is indeed ripe to reclaim, by de jure, or by right such inalienable financial-economic bill of rights. ELIMINATE DEBT AND COMPOUNDED USURY AND REPLACE IT, de novo, by DEBT FREE MONEY SYSTEM with “dividend” to every MAN, WOMAN, CHILD from the cradle to the grave, to be valid in perpetuity for all people, by God’s will.

    The illusory promises of the money-poisoned, nasty-muddy politicians must also be totally dispelled and abhored. Their negligence other than betrayal to their constituents is inexcusable and unpardonable.

    THE ONLY HIDDEN ASSET OF THE BANKING SYSTEM is the creation of money out of nothing – the fractional reserve banking system, otherwise, bankers do not have any real assets of their own at all.

    The extraordinary remedy, after all our tremendous exhaustion, is to make the system collapse by its fatal course, and as such, change the ENGINE OF DESTRUCTIVE FINANCE. This must be exigible, not just by exigency, by people’s mandate and legitimate demands in the 21st century.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    Eric V. Encina

    Filipino Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer

    c/o Lito Alhambra Old House, Homesite, Km. 2, Brgy. Lawa-an, P.O. Box 8, 5800

    Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines _,_.__,

    Mobile Contact Number Smart 09995427779

  7. Hi There! Way to go!

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