On MSNBC: Taking the Power Back from Wall Street

The Dylan Ratigan Show • MSNBC.com • April 13, 2011

On The Dylan Ratigan Show, the topic of discussion is the state-owned Bank of North Dakota! Ben Goldhirsh of Good Magazine and blogger Umair Haque explain why it might be good for Americans to take their hard-earned money elsewhere.

Watch the video here.

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One Response

  1. I keep seeing ‘The Dylan Ratigan Show’ being linked in my emails and elsewhere. I’ll take a look and what I see is a little confusing. Confusing as far as – this is a GE owned news organization.

    This means these are shows saying what GE likes. That’s a little confusing. What’s the end game? How does it fit together into a master “World View” plan?

    Do state owned banks support the world bank ideal?
    Does revealing government administrated corruption and stupidity support the one world government vision?

    I guess it’s one way to that end. I’ll keep watching to see what comes of it.

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