Bank of North Dakota sets profit record for 7th year

Associated Press • • April 20, 2011

BISMARCK — The Bank of North Dakota made almost $62 million in profits last year.

The nation’s only state-owned bank set a profit record for the seventh straight year.

Bank President Eric Hardmeyer presented the results Wednesday to the North Dakota Industrial Commission.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m Canadian and perhaps should not be making comments here but I have a question. We have the Bank of Canada, it does not belong to private bankers, yet it does not seem to do all the things you claim such a central bank should do for our individual and collective finances. Our banking system is somewhat different from the US, but why are we borrowing ourselves deep into debt from private banks instead of borrowing from our own central bank?

  2. Yes, Canada has a public central bank that worked well until the 1970s, when the private bankers convinced it to borrow money from them instead of create it. Check out the work of Canadian Will Abrams.

  3. Thanks for posting this video it is most illuminating and it gives me some great ideas. A higher moral standard is something which needs to be applied to banks again but also governments. At the moment, the hedge funds which control European banking have also got control also of the European commission and the ECB. Consequently, they have turned the EU into a wasteland as far as democracy is concerned this will lead inevitably to the break up of the EU project. Sovereign governments and national assets are to be swallowed whole in order to pay the immoral gambling debts of multinational banks such as Goldman Sachs and Deutche Bank.

  4. Activists may want to visit for a list of economic organizations in their area to contact with information about PBI.

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