From Bloomberg Businessweek: North Dakota’s State-Run Bank Boosts Treasury, Spurs Imitators

Alison Vekshin • • November 18, 2011

Eric Hardmeyer, chief executive officer of the Bank of North Dakota, said he’s heard from 30 to 40 states asking the same thing: How does the only state-owned bank in the U.S. work?

The financial institution, which opened in 1919 to help North Dakota farmers, has $5 billion in assets and contributed about $340 million in earnings to state coffers in the 12 years through mid-2009.

Read the article here.

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One Response

  1. The end is coming to the FED sooner the better, America has been completely manipulated point blank robbed blind.

    The great depression a manufactured outcome, the GFC another.

    The Patriot act another gross violation of the American people.

    Shortly being a purchasing monkey being led like a cow to the slaughter house so that the New World Order can come in to being is not going to fly with millions of Americans hence the internment camps.

    (that are now open!!!?)

    Tell em to get chipped and see how they go with that.

    Bar Code every banker see how that goes down.

    Thieves, criminals beyond comprehension intergenerational global robbery.

    Please may the average American wake up talk off the blinkers, the President is not coming to save you they’ve all been put there to save the bankers cartel on your money since the inception of the FED.

    You cannot all be as dumb as posts.

    To knowingly allow this and to sit by in the highest office and simply flush the greatest nation down the can, you have to be corrupt may be not in gross way but at your core of being.

    Pray, Meditate, etc find your own inner space and simply desire the FED is exposed as a fraud, allow the universe to work through you.

    There is no lack, not enough etc there’s abundance everywhere, lack and less are the bankers paradigm that is has been forced on to the earth.

    It’s just most oblivious in America. The once free are now the most manipulated.

    Trained from birth to be full of fear, what’s the best prison the one you put your self in.

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