Virginia Bill to Consider Establishing a State-Owned Bank

Alan Kline • • December 28, 2011

The Washington Business Journal reported Wednesday that Del. Bob Marshall, a Republican, introduced legislation this week to study the viability of opening a bank that would be modeled after Bank of North Dakota, the only state-owned bank in the country. Marshall introduced a similar bill in 2010, but that bill failed to make it out of committee.

The idea of creating a state-owned bank has been gaining traction in a number of state legislatures of late. Lawmakers in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Hawaii and several other states all introduced bills last year that sought to establish a state-owned bank or study the idea of creating one and it is expected that similar bills will be reintroduced early this year when state legislatures convene. (Virginia’s legislative session begins Jan. 11.)

Read the article here.

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3 Responses

  1. lets open one in Alabama

  2. I wrote to every legislator in Idaho and the governor about a state bank. I heard from Representative Phylis K. King
    Representative Brian Cronin
    Representative Pete Nielsen
    Honorable Representative John Rusche
    Honorable Senator Sheryl Nuxoll

    They all said it was a good idea. I could only get 33 people to sign.

  3. What ever became the conclusion on la house bill hcr144? Did they conclude that it was feasible to have a State owned bank for Louisiana?

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