Ellen Brown: PUBLIC BANKING IN AMERICA: Philadelphia Freedom, Birthplace of the Constitution Takes Center Stage

Ellen Brown • http://www.globalresearch.ca • April 8, 2012

Resonating with that theme, on April 27th-28th the Public Banking in America Conference will be held at the Quaker Friends Center in Philadelphia, hosted by the Public Banking Institute (PBI). PBI’s vision is to establish a network of public banks across the country to generate affordable credit according to the priorities of real people, not corporate persons or banks. These priorities include student loans, sustainable agriculture, worker-owned coops, renewable energy, and so on. The Bank of North Dakota, currently the only publicly-owned depository bank in the USA, has over two dozen loan programs reflecting the priorities of the people of North Dakota.

Read the article here.

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  1. Cannot get to the meeting. Ask timcast to put it on ustream or put it on youtube for us all. I am talking with Steve Thayn, Idaho state senator District 8, tomorrow about Idaho State Bank. Need all the help I can get. Thayn has a website and responded to my critique of education in Idaho: http://www.steventhayn.com/

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