TEDxNewWallStreet – Ellen Brown – From Scarcity to Abundance: Re-imagining Money

Ellen Brown • TEDxNewWallStreet • April 18, 2012

Ellen Brown is author of Web of Debt, and serves as president of the Public Banking Institute.

See the video here.

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2 Responses

  1. I want to thank Ellen for bring awareness to this subject and add that I think the Federal Reserve is ideologically confined to how funds are being appropriated due to the Bureaucracy of technocrats that are flashing Population control warning lights and wanting to end Free market consumer driven market systems to consolidate consumption into the control of a Big Government system .
    The Influence of Economic growth like real estate development , property transactions being circumvented by environmental concerns over growth in general causing funding to dry up in the private capital markets is a Interference with the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution regarding how the Federal Reserve Bank is the sole fund originating source for these funding requirements , and is being Influenced by ideologues that are driving population control policies within Government at the Federal Level .

    This is where the need for outside funding from non traditional funding sources is needed to restore real estates ability to be a self funding source of asset revenue for the commerce of states to regenerate its economic vitality .

    Have you ever heard of this Ellen Brown ? She is leading the Charge for State owned banking , and can be a source of funding to alter the stagnation of fund originating thats taking place at the Federal level .

    https://publicbanking.wordpress.com/ , This is a bit of a Leap from the private capital Financing tradition but it might be our only hope to avert what will evolve into a Federalization of private property rights due to a Collapse of the Free Enterprise system because of a Lack of growth that can continue to support dollar trade domestically and Internationally .

    We have to raise some hell going over peoples heads as a Majority of society or you will continue to see the commerce of states dwindling away to nothingness and a complete collapse ensue bring about a Federalization of the economy . Are you willing to see this happen without doing everything you can to try and alter this path of destruction of Private Property rights and self reliance ?

    Wall Street should not be the first beneficiary of these fund originating resources but should only benefit from the growth in the private sector that these funds are allocated towards supply-side expansion projects that are showing us inflationary symptoms ….. If you listen to what is said in this Video you will agree that our current allocation of funding resources is a form of economic prostitution and that makes it ripe for corruption and manipulation by both political Hacks that are Ideologically driven to see society as a threat to Earth and by those who have benefited from a To Big To fail industry that is to big . The need for these funding resources and sources needs to be spread back out and doing it the way this Ellen Brown talks about makes sense over what is going on now . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR-U2fLIXaE&feature=player_embedded

    How does a Private Capital Investment firm have the will too invest in long
    term lending like real estate when the Obama Administrations top Stanford
    advisory that is an associate of the Science CZAR John Holdren is saying
    these kinds of things ? listen to this Audio ….
    Paul Ehrlich on depopulation: ‘We’re going to go over the top’ – audio

    My worry is Power and consolidation of power into the Federal Government of
    the Means to Create and Distribute vital human resources rather than a
    privately produced supply of these resources , which is what the argument
    over Bigger Federal Government or Smaller Federal Government as the cure
    all for the Inequality issue while the technocrats are Talking about
    depopulation like they are because politics and Power Always collide and if
    we do not keep these powers separated with the states separating we the
    people from the Federal Government when they are being advised by these
    ideologues who are speaking about the worlds problems when this is not a USA
    problem but it is what they think is a universal problem and that a Over
    Consumption rate in the USA makes it harder for them to Preach this need for
    population control all over the world is what we need to make the topic of
    debate because this is the very premise of why we are in economic repression
    today . And the longer we are in this stall the smaller the supply is
    getting ……..
    This Ehrlich is advising Obama along with Science CZAR Holder , , and we
    should be securing the USA from what I think is going to be a rough time in
    the rest of the world going forward for a long time …..not rolled into
    some kind of International Collective under the United Nations Agenda 21
    Program .
    Read what Paul Ehrlich’s book says on How to control the US Population go to
    page 2 of this PDF , Paul R. Ehrlich says we in USA have to be forced into
    the idea of population control for them to then be able to be a good model
    for the rest of the world ”

    “Seven big problems for 7 billion people ,

    If Immigration laws are enforced then Overpopulation is not an issue in the
    USA so why should we the people be subject to losing our liberty over what
    is not a problem of US sustainability but one that others in parts of the
    world should be observing the USA as a Sustainable model already as a free
    and prosperous nation ?? No one is debating that The USA has already
    achieved this sustainable population growth rate if we enforce Immigration
    rules ;
    http://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2127rank.html , SO WHY DO WE the PEOPLE need to GIVE UP OUR RIGHT TOP BE FREE to BE self
    RELIANT with a Capitalist system ?

  2. And while listening to Ellen in the video talking about our Dependency on BRIC nations supplies to the point that we are vulnerable to this leverage being used against us in a Dollar currency crisis soon as these Nations have made public their rejection of our dollar with Russia’s Putin saying the USA is like a Parasite using world durable supply without contributing to the supply , when it was not we the people that out sourced our industrial production and made this dependency on the BRIC nations Our demise , this is why Ellen Brown is Right on the Money about needing to restore our Monetary Policy to the states through a public banking system and restore and rtool an industry that can at least supply our most basic needs so these BRIC nations cannot hold us hostage like they can now with our dependency on their parts supplies . Think what it would be like without a replacement part for a sewer system or electrical grid for a City the size of Los Angles ???
    And it might be to late as here is the evidence of a desire to crash the Euro that will ost certainly destablize the dollar enough to bring about a full rejection of the Dollar as worlds trade currency by the BRIC nations .

    The One Two punch of the Dollar Euro to bring about Change for a Reason you might not have considered ????

    Soros Compares Euro-Zone Crisis With Soviet Collapse

    George Soros said that if he were still an active investor, he would now “bet against the euro”, at least until there is a change in European leadership or policy.


    So if the destabilization of the Euro were to happen would it lead to a destabilization of the Dollar as well and the Supply of goods from BRIC nations be interrupted due to a Euro Dollar rejection by the BRIC nations ?

    Is this scenario being prepared for by what we see going on below ? To bring change you need a crisis that you can then be the remedy for , right ?

    Department of Defense Confirms Russian Troops to Conduct Terror Drills Inside U.S.

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