Keynote Address by Gar Alperovitz at the Public Banking In America Conference, Philadelphia, April 27-28

brightpathvideo • • May 6, 2012

Public Banking In America Conference, Philadelphia, April 27-28.
Opening remarks by PBI president, Ellen Brown with keynote address by political economist, Gar Alperovitz.

Or, watch the video here.

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  1. The Alperovitz video is totally ruined by the second “speaker”, or whatever is going on there, but he is clearly NOT what we need in a discussion on public banking, as all he addresses are “Washingtonianized” issues that will do nothing to help the country, but keep us on our downward spiral, esp. with his hints about over-population and climate change, etc. which are side issues in such times as we are suffering with.
    I keep waiting for Ellen or someone to address the idea that public banking and all sorts of other reforms (and investigations, adjudications, etc. to help save the country) should be declared nationally in the context of eminent domain IMO, with even more clarity, purpose and forthrightness than eg. the malfeasant taking of private property for building “higher taxed” entities to increase tax bases in cities…your grandmother’s home condemned and razed for the sake of s shopping mall, etc.
    I also wonder why nobody has proposed that via NDAA, the malfeasance of wallstreet etal. should be not just questioned, but there should be mass investigation, adjudication with retroactive, international extraditional actions taken to help restore what is rightfully American wealth, not allowing expatriative excess as is now
    condoned, let alone the questionability of such excess as with the “QE” problem or FDIC derivative “insurance” (read WHEN they fail, not IF) etal..
    Public banking’s time, etal. have come if it will ever or we are lost as a nation IMO, at least as envisioned by not only the founding fathers, but by all generations since, but it will also need to be seen that the creation of the money must be done differently to something of the manners that Franklin and Linclon did with a national system based on a GNP dollar to prevent inflation/deflation AND overseen by the states with their powers of nullification (10th) to keep many eyes and minds to the task of balancing the budget or over-printing/spending and then only in dire times of imminent threat as in a war. Such monies used by public banking must also be taken on by the government by eminent domain, as money is the entire basis of most of our problems, but is now under the control of and ownership by the federal reserve private banks which is immoral, total usury and unConstitutional via art. 1, sec. 8, par. 6 (not par. 5, coining) or some other such claim to again “help save the country” lest it continue on it’s decline into a spartanized, military industrial excuse for the super-rich to plunder the earth as they are now, so much more than in the past. It’s not that I am against wealth, but am greatly against those who would claim ALL wealth along with losses to personal freedoms that are ongoing to the great detriment of all of us. I fear for us all.
    …more on my small blog :

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