Cutting Loose: Hungary pays off IMF debt, may eye EU exit – Russia Today news

Scott Baker • • August 26, 2013

First Iceland, and now Hungary, are now embarking on a Sovereign Money road to monetary independence. They are both telling the IMF and other international bankers from the EU that “Thanks, but no thanks for your debt money, we can make our own debt-free money.” Forces from both the far Right and progressive side of the political spectrum are coming together in throwing out the unsustainable debt-money system, which not only preaches unworkable austerity, and sequestration, but whose adherents can’t even understand the basic fact that you can’t eliminate debt in a debt-based money system without eliminating money as well, and plunging us into a deflationary depression not seen since Andrew Jackson paid off the national debt in 1836 – resulting in an even worse and longer depression than the Great Depression. What we need to do is continue necessary spending, but eliminate the debt.

Read the entire article here.

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3 Responses

  1. I believe that frequent calamities in the Philippines are not actually nature’s doing nor God’s doing but man-made for the purpose of drastic population control programs and impositions of the global powers that-be. This is not conspiracy theory but has become a reality- the brutal truth of the saddest reality. I have learned HAARP and chemtrails, etc. and other technologies to cause frequent calamities in the Philippines for the Philippines to drastically reduce populations by abortion laws and to get us into irredeemable debts and put us into conditional foreign aid by force.

    Eric V. Encina


    • HERE HERE Eric totaly agree with you….The only way to get a hold back on humanity is to create a new system where we are educated properly…and there money means nothing…to basically render them powerless.Then educate us as human beings so we dont over populate and take away gods creatures !!!!!
      Hungary are starting the move by getting rid of the debt and getting rid of the Rothschild.

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