Public Banking: The Antidote to Wall Street’s Domination of the Economy – Part 3

John Lawrence • • September 25, 2013

When states and municipalities set up public banks, money and hence energy is withdrawn from Wall Street creating the perfect revolution with the result that the husk of Wall Street shrivels up and dies like a plant deprived of nutrients … without a shot being fired.

Nothing could be less radical than a public bank because the state of North Dakota already has one and it has been working successfully for the citizens of North Dakota. No one would accuse North Dakotans of being socialists or would they? No new ground to break here!

Instead of money leaving the state and going to Wall Street, money stays in the state where it is lent out in the form of student and business loans with the profits being shared by the citizens of North Dakota instead of going into the pockets of private bankers in New York.

Read the entire article here.

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