The Public Banking Institute blog is an extension of the Public Banking Group and the Public Banking blog. The earlier blog was started in late 2009 by Ellen Brown, author of “Web of Debt,” because she was overwhelmed with email inquiring about the publicly-owned bank idea after she wrote a series of articles on it. The Public Banking Institute followed, launched on January 13, 2011. The blog attempts to provide the latest news, views, information, and action alerts on Public Banking, with the ultimate goal of helping to establish publicly-owned banks that operate for the public good.

The very active Public Banking Group (a Google group) has named itself “the Coalition for Public Banking” and has over 200 members. Inclusion is by invitation only, but please contact us if interested, at Ann@PublicBankingInstitute.com.

Ann Tulintseff, Ph.D., an electrical engineer, volunteers as web-assistant.

22 Responses

  1. We are working on getting all states to charter State Banks..We have many candidates running to do just that. Allen Icet in Missouri is working on an intrim committee to set one into Missouri next year.

    cell 816-284-0909

  2. I am interested in the “public bank” concept as an alternative to the Federal Reserve(?) and/or the extremely corrupt and powerful private banks (Mega-Monster banks as Clark Howard calls them). This is not intended as a direct reply to these comments, but as a request to be included in the list on public banking discussions. Sincerely, Larry Martz

  3. I am in Ohio. What and/or who is promoting the public bank concept in Ohio?

    • No one yet to my knowledge. Want to be the first?

      • I cannot believe what I am seeing! This effort is FANTASTIC!.

        My daughter sent this information to me just a day or two ago because of what I have been involved in now for over five decades!. I live in Columbus Ohio and am the founder of new organization call MAIN STREET FOR HONEST COMMERCE to be launched right after the first of the year.

        Ellen is so on target with this effort I can’t tell you how thankful I am to her and others for taking a stand in this regard! Please let me know of anyone that is getting behind this effort on behalf of Ohio. I would love to help them or even lead it.
        Marie Jackson

    • I believe the Green Party of Ohio is supporting a public bank for the state. David Ellison, who is running for Executive of Cuyahoga County supports a public bank at the county level.

      As you can imagine, this will not be easy in Ohio, with the strength of the insurance industry in Columbus and the Federal Reserve Bank right here in Cleveland.

      If you are in NE Ohio, the Cleveland Committee on Corporations, Law and Democracy has been discussing monetary policy and public banking, among other issues, for quite a while.

      Respond if you would like more information about CCLAD.

      • For goodness sake, don’t let the Greens get involved. If they do, you’ll only be able to get funding for ‘environmental’ issues.

        Normal commerce will suffer.

  4. I can help you in your qwest..across all spectrums of Local I am not a socialist, but i do believe in local everything, including banking, Industrie, family, when you empower local communities you empower the nation (moderated green is okay) The best way to grow the economy is to empower local citizens,and business, I am a capitalist, but unfortunatly wall street, and the banksters have become overly greedy and corrupt, now they want the World..how unfortunate.

  5. Curious to know of any public bank initiatives in New Hampshire. Would be in participating in / promoting the effort.

  6. There are state chartered credit unions. They aren’t owned by the states but could provide hit the ground running stable and existing financial institutions.

    I have been a member of the State of MD credit union for over twenty years and I have never had a single problem.

    Has any one ever considered using state charted credit unions?

  7. Hi,

    I am in New York City and work for a non-profit housing organization in a community that has been devastated by foreclosures. I am interested in the idea of public banks for many reasons but in relation to my work as part of an overall solution to the foreclosure crisis that in Jamaica, Queens is showing no signs of abating. do you know of folks in new york working on the public banking issue (i know the green party candidate for govenor supported the idea)? I would be interested in trying to get my organization to get on board and publicly support and for this here in new york.

  8. Would I be correct to construe the scope of the PBI as pragmatically limited to fostering the founding of otherwise regular banks by and for public bodies?

    In other words, in focussing on this, it avoids the disctraction of taking any position on the politics of the FED, of monetary issuance, and of fractionality?

  9. I want to see a UDS Treasury Dollar that is equity in all the (audited)assets of the US government, equal to a Federal Reserve nOte by law. Spend into existance over ten years for funding limited government.

  10. You really make it appear so easy with your presentation however I in
    finding this matter to be actually something which I believe I might by no means
    understand. It seems too complicated and very extensive for me.
    I’m looking ahead on your next submit, I’ll try to get the hold of it!

    • To whom it may concern!!!! Ellen has it Right!  She has hit the nail right on the head! We need a state bank in every state it is not something new its the way we started out as a nation! I would love to speak with Ellen or send her an email because after over three decades of research on the development of America and American Enterprise in particular she has rightly understood the structural problem this nation is facing.  And when “we the people” get fed up enough to deal with this unfortunate truth then we will truly be on the road to a real financial recovery. However it will not be easy because these age old interest are well entrenched and will not go without a fight!  And if they can take the system down before hand they will do that as well.   It is not a pretty picture!  Please let me know if you have someone here in Ohio that I can get with or possibly in Texas. Sincerely, Marie Jackson Columbus Ohio


      • What’s the status of the bill? Has it passed either or both houses? Please let me know the status so I can help.

        Thanks Bob

  11. Please notify me of meetings that you have as an organization!
    I so want to work with this group.
    thank you,

  12. Prove it: Bank blocking some customers from making large withdrawals without ‘evidence’ of spending need


  13. Is anyone currently monitoring this blog? I live in Texas, just got an email invitation for an online discussion about public bank interest in DFW area. Found you in beginning to research…thanks.

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