Help the Terminator save California! Sign this petition for a California state bank here.

Let the Sun Shine on a State Bank for Florida! Sign this petition for a Florida state bank here.

3 Responses

  1. Hello –

    Just found your website recently, and I find it extraordinary

  2. Well done Ms Brown. Praise for your years of service providing accurate information and actions regarding money and its right use, and exposing the criminal and harmful use. You are demonstrating good individual leadership. Such high quality individual leadership is needed to galvanize other high quality individual leaders to cooperate together to increase effectiveness on the legal and political changes needed. Where are such “cooperative leadership” signs today?

    Cooperate with other leaders like Michael Hudson, Matt Taibbi, Bill Still, Celente, et al, and all get onto Keith Obermann’s Countdown show (for one) and help him do what he did for the free health care clinics, and get these state owned banks accomplished sooner. Cooperative leadership, a growing group of knowledgable leaders, communicate as a cooperative group, rather than individually, would be far more effective and news worthy.

  3. Good grief! I just found about about this movement today (April 9,2012). We had SB 789 introduced in Maryland about a year ago that died a very rapid death – The Senate Finance Committee did not want to spend $40,000 doing a feasibility study. Huh? The fact that North Dakota skated through the banking collapse in 2008 should be “study” enough!

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