Public Banks: Removing Job Growth From the Corrupt Jackboot of Wall Street

Pam Martens • • November 15, 2012

…There’s one other positive to support the creation of public banks – competition to Wall Street. Reforming Wall Street cannot happen under the current compromised Congress; under the current campaign financing system; under the corrupt revolving door between Washington and Wall Street; under a system that rewarded the supervisory failures of the New York Fed by giving it greater oversight of Wall Street while continuing to allow Wall Street execs and their cronies to sit on its Board of Directors. The entire system is malignant and an insurmountable obstacle to the Nation’s economic recovery. We have watched for four years as Congress failed to reform Wall Street. The one thing that might actually stand a chance of reforming it is honest competition that provides an honest alternative.

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Ellen Brown Interview with Populist Dialogues: Escaping the Great Recession With Public Banking

Populist Dialogues of Alliance for Democracy • PopulistDialogues at • November 5, 2012

Guest Ellen Hodgson Brown, author of The Web of Debt and founder of the Public Banking Institute, discusses the advantages of public banking in the United States and around the world. She reviews how money is created, how the Federal Reserve was created, various types of public banks and how their are structured, why some nations have escaped the Great Recession, how America could save its postal service, how public banking institution could be used as a land bank to address the under-water property and foreclosure problems.

Watch the video of the interview here.

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